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Eleusis Presents New Research on the Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Serotonin 2A Receptor Agonists at the 2019 International Society for Research on Psychedelics

— New Research Reveals Broad-Based Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Serotonin 2A Receptor Agonists at Inaugural Scientific Meeting

London and New York - Oct. 23, 2019

Eleusis, a clinical stage life science company established to develop the therapeutic potential of serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2A) agonists, also known as psychedelics, today announced new research presented at the inaugural 2019 International Society for Research on Psychedelics (ISRP) conference held October 18-20, in New Orleans, U.S. In both oral platform presentations and posters, Eleusis data demonstrated preclinical efficacy of topically administered serotonin 2A receptor agonists in viral, allergen, and antigen induced ocular inflammation, via translational models of herpes keratitis, allergic conjunctivitis, uveitis, and diabetic macular edema. In addition, Eleusis sponsored researchers also presented on the anti-inflammatory potential of serotonin 2A agonists in translational models of asthma, cardiovascular disease, and for the first time, revealed new findings that suggest a potent anti-fibrotic effect of serotonin 2A agonists in vitro, consistent with previously disclosed effects against pulmonary fibrosis.

“We are excited to present these new findings at the inaugural ISRP meeting, and believe they expand the scientific community’s appreciation for the full potential of psychedelics as sub-perceptual medicines,” said Shlomi Raz, Chairman and Founder of Eleusis. “The findings presented further demonstrate the anti-inflammatory capacity of serotonin 5-HT2A receptor agonists, and specifically, their potential to treat ocular inflammation and prevent retinal degeneration.”

Eleusis Presentation Details

Oral Presentations

Session Title: Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Psychedelics

• 5-HT2A Receptor Agonists as Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics

• Structure Activity of 5-HT2A Receptor Agonists for Anti-Inflammatory Properties In Vivo

• Interactions Between 5-HT2A Receptor and EGF Receptor Signaling Modulate EGF-Induced Vascular Inflammation

• Pathogen-Induced Serotonin Production Correlates with Severity of Inflammation-Associated Disease

Poster Session

• Anti-Inflammatory and Protective Effects of Topical Ophthalmic (R)-DOI 0.01% in Allergic Conjunctivitis and Recurrent Intermediate Uveitis Models in Rabbits

• Selective Agonism of the 5-HT2A Receptor Suppresses Profibrotic Gene Expression and Fibrobrast to Myofibroblasts Trans-differentiation

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