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2013 - 2016

Assessment of Drug Class Clinical Feasibility and Translational Challenges

Founded in 2013, Eleusis is the first clinical-stage life science company dedicated to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics through conventional clinical development and regulatory approval.

In 2015 and 2016, Eleusis conducted two clinical trials of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). These trials focused on establishing a basic framework for the future clinical development of psychedelics in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Phase I Trials:

Low Dose LSD

Moderate Dose LSD

2017 - 2020

Development of Translational Solutions

Eleusis identified translational challenges to the clinical development of psychedelics in the context of psychiatry and as anti-inflammatory medicines. In psychiatric application, these challenges included the incidence of adverse effects (i.e. anxiety, nausea), prolonged treatment duration, and the intrapatient variability of dose response. Beyond Psychiatry, the primary challenge identified was to minimize the perceptual effects of psychedelics while maximizing anti-inflammatory activity through molecular pharmacology and medicinal chemistry efforts.

2020 - 2024

Clinical Development and New Drug Development

Eleusis is now embarking on a full clinical development program of psychedelic drug therapies. as adjunctive treatments for major depressive disorder, and as disease modifying therapeutics in ophthalmology and Alzheimer’s disease. In parallel, Eleusis is continuing its drug discovery and development program in an effort to fully separate the perceptual and anti-inflammatory effects of psychedelics.

Eleusis is a life science company based in London and New York, dedicated to transforming psychedelics into medicines

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