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Eleusis Launches Clinical Development of Psychedelic Infusion Therapies for Major Depressive Disorder and Acquires Kalypso Wellness Centers

Acquisition of Kalypso accelerates the clinical development of psychedelic infusion therapies

ELE-Ket+ and ELE-Psilo+ are psychedelic infusion therapies in clinical development for adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder; initiation of Phase 2 clinical trials expected in Q4 2021

LONDON & NEW YORK - Dec. 14, 2020

Eleusis Ltd, a clinical-stage life science company dedicated to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics, today announced the launch of its clinical development of psychedelic infusion therapies and acquisition of Kalypso Wellness Centers (“Kalypso”), a leading provider of ketamine infusion therapies in the United States. Under the terms of the agreement, Eleusis will acquire Kalypso and its intellectual property in an all-stock transaction.

“Eleusis is transforming psychedelics into medicines across a broad range of unmet needs, starting with major depressive disorder where conventional psychedelic drug therapies may be undermined by problematic tolerability, reliability, accessibility and affordability,” Shlomi Raz, Chairman and CEO of Eleusis. “Overcoming these challenges has been the focus of our scientists and clinicians since 2013, and the acquisition of Kalypso underscores our commitment to accelerating the development of broadly accessible psychedelic drug therapies for patients in urgent need of treatment alternatives.”

Eleusis is developing psychedelic infusion therapies intended to enhance the therapeutic profile of ketamine and psilocybin. ELE-Ket+ and ELE-Psilo+ are expected to enter Phase II clinical trials for the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder at the end of 2021.

“Improving the safety, tolerability and convenience of psychedelic drug therapy will enable broad patient access to these promising new treatment alternatives while reducing both the complexity and duration of treatment,” said Bryan Clifton, M.D., Co-founder of Kalypso, who has joined Eleusis as Chief Medical Officer.

Beyond psychiatry, Eleusis is developing the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics across a diverse range of medicinal applications. The company's pipeline includes preclinical and clinical-stage assets that harness the profound anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective potential of psychedelics without perceptual effects.

Cannon Clifton, CEO and Co-founder of Kalypso, added, “We are thrilled to combine Kalypso’s comprehensive drug infusion expertise with the impressive scientific and clinical capabilities of Eleusis to accelerate the transformation of psychedelics into medicines.”

About Kalypso Wellness Centers

Kalypso Wellness Centers (“Kalypso”) was formed in 2016 by two board certified anesthesiologists, Dr. Cannon Clifton and Dr. Bryan Clifton, and two board certified pain management physicians, Dr. Mark Moran and Dr. Scott Worrich, with the intention of providing ketamine therapies for patients in need of new treatment alternatives. Kalypso manages seven clinics throughout the US and has pioneered the development of combination ketamine therapies, delivering over 10,000 patient infusions, to date. For more information, visit

About Eleusis Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Eleusis is the first privately held, clinical-stage life science company dedicated to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics, guided by science and enabled by drug discovery, clinical development and care delivery design. The company’s comprehensive discovery, development and delivery capabilities enable it to target a broad spectrum of unmet needs within psychiatry, and beyond psychiatry. For more information, visit


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